My Week At The Beach

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My Week At The Beach

My Week At The Beach

I sit in on the veranda of my bungalow on the beach and watch the rain.  A monsoon has us under its liquid grip. The tide has left quickly. The fisherman, waist deep, don’t seem to mind. My supper will be served on a plate, theirs at the end of their line.

I’ve learned much in our week at the beach. I’ve learned that mothers, friends, sisters, and lovers from around the world find the time to nurture themselves, and each other in this humble land. I’ve learned that europeans take a lot more vacations then Americans.

  People are gentle and kind here . We met a Marine that guards the beach below the Princess’s palace. Funny, gregarious, and eager to speak with us. Tears fall from his eyes as he told us his story of the tsunami. He took his job seriously, but his life jovially. The pleasure was all of ours as we spoke of our lands, customs, pitfalls, and highlights.

  Boy Scouts have the same salute here, as in the United States. The children laughed at the big white guy saluting to them with three fingers. Their salutes back were crisp and correct. Their laughter and amusement is a gift to treasure.

  I can go to the beach without getting drunk, overfed, and sunburnt. In my past I’ve done all three over and over again. Perhaps that is why I rarely cared for beach vacations. I’ve changed my life. I’m no longer unwilling to listen to the waves. It’s raining as hard as I’ve ever seen. The beach is still beautiful. The fisherman still fish.

  It is okay to be older and travel and have other people help you. I met Alice on the beach. She was yelling for help. There was no crisis. Alice is a ninety two year old from Switzerland who needed help getting out of her hammock to go swimming. Alice has been to over sixty countries spanning the earth. She didn’t start traveling until she was in her sixties.

We rode scooters through small muslim villages surrounding vibrant colored mosques. Muslims are very gentle people who love their children and churches just like any other religion. Their markets were full of color texture and flavor. The people there smiled and waved to us. I’ve learned depiction can be so far from the truth.

I’ve learned a lot of things  during my week at the beach. Most of all I’ve learned that anything is possible in life. Determination and an open mind have led me to where I am today. People are people with dreams and hopes. They come in all shapes, sizes, age, color and backgrounds.  It’s good to make friends quickly and enjoy this planet while we are on it.

A crack of thunder as loud as I’ve ever heard shook the sky right above us. The fisherman still fish, the tide returns, children huddle close to their mothers bosom. I will savor our last day here, as I laugh with new friends, learn new words, eat new foods, and wave at smiling children. I’ve learned to let it be.

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