Is your Business a House of Straw?

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Is your Business a House of Straw?


Is your Business a House of Straw?

Is there a big, bad “wolf” just around the corner (and maybe on his way for you) … right now?

For some business owners, success seems elusive. Even with the best skills, technology and plenty of money thrown at it, people just don’t seem interested.

Great product or service? … Check √

Commitment to making some money as a business owner? … Check √

Website looks great? … Check √

Customers knocking down your doors & $$ flowing in daily? …. …. ….

So what gives?

Enter: 3 Pigs & a Big Bad Wolf

We all know the story: Three little pigs each had their own plans for how to build their respective houses. The first pig ignored his older brothers advice and built his house out of straw. His big brother pleaded with him to reconsider his building materials.

The second little pig was also (pun intended) pigheaded and ignored his brothers advice. “I can build this house on my own.”

Now the third little pig knew that one day the Big Bad Wolf would a-come-a-blowing. So he planned to build his house out of bricks. He knew that however hard the Big Bad Wolf blew, he would not have enough breathe to blow his house down.

About now your probably asking yourself. “Where the heck is this crackpot going?”

Stay with me for a moment, I’ll explain.The third little pig knew nothing of building a house out of bricks. But, beingthe savvy little pig that he was, he hired the best brick layer in town to showhim how it is done. His brothers sat back in their houses and laughed at his insistence at building a solid house.

Well, we all know where this story ends. He huffed, and he puffed. But he couldn’t blow his house down.

Here’s what this Has to do with YOU …

Most businesses start with a brilliant ideas and fantastic plans! I equate these ideas and plans to the straws & sticks of a business. All well and

good. But …They still lack the brick & mortar that keep a business standing.


This is where we leave fairy tale land and come back to reality …

Lack of sales are generally what close business doors … for good. And without a solid sales foundation, your business sales will be random,infrequent and full of holes.

Ah … has this struck a chord? (Maybe a sour one?)

So where does this Sales Foundation start?

The Entrepreneur’s Scariest Wolf

Here’s the Big Bad Wolf that a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid of: Wait for it. Close your eyes. I can hear it. I know what it is. Yep, you got it …

It’s the Sales Conversation, (or lack there of), that blows down most peoples dreams.

Now the good news.

You can learn how to put the mortar back in your business. And I can help you learn how to build the Sales Foundation with a program I’ve developed called ‘Ask With Ease.’

Let me help you stare down that Big Bad Wolf with the confidence, and skills you need to succeed.

So next time you hear. ‘Little pig, little pig let me in.” You can sit back and be comfortable in the fact that YOU have the foundation to go into any town, in any market, and build a business that no one can blown down!

Whats your house made out of?

Lets talk:

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