Frank Zappa And Fireworks

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Frank Zappa And Fireworks

Happy Birthday To Me

  I joined the masses today. While on a mass transit trip across the city to the dentist, I did it. Yep, I assumed the position. I put my phone in hand, headphones in, and scrolled down the screen. I felt like one of them, one of us, the few the many, the electro-age.

Yes the warm fuzzy feeling washed over me. I was just like every one else. YES!! Now I  can smile, laugh, and look into the eyes of my fellow travelers and feel the joy, the happiness, and community of the many. That is until my choice of music hit my ear buds.  The inexplicable words of Frank Zappa hit me. Dynamo hum-Dynamo hum. Wheres that Dynamo coming from? I just spent three hours and I aint got a crumb, from a Dynamo, dynamo, dynamo hum……

While this old familiar tune let me laugh smile, and shake my head, it also reminded me  that I was indeed not one of the throngs, the masses, and the community. The thought ocured to me that out of the some ten million or so people that live in this city, I was pretty sure I was the only one listening to Frank Zappa. I could be wrong, arrogant or foolish for thinking this, but I think I hit that nail on the head. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t use a puny little hammer… tap….tap…tap. No more like the rip roaring wood snapping effect of a  sledge hammer.

So there I sat alone again, well except for my good buddy Frank

As I mentioned a few days ago, today is my birthday. Fifty three and still kicking, although a little more subdued thanI used to be I left out the screaming and the hollering. It also happens to be a full moon. And on the first full moon in November Thailand celebrates Loi Krathong, one of their biggest celebrations of the year. It’s like Fourth of July meets Zazobra.

Loi Krathong marks the end of rainy season. Translated it means, to float a basket. Baskets made out of banana leaves are elaborately decorated with flowers candles and inscense. A prayer is said to release any old negative patterns, and a wish for the new is made. The candle and incense are lit and the basket is floated away on the river.

Thousands of people lined the river in our neighborhood to take part in this celebration. Pictures were taken. laughs and conversations filled the docks and river way. We met some locals from a local school, and spoke to them of our land, and our experiences in theirs. They invited us to their Wat (temple), and we will be sure to take them up on it.

Why Have One Fireworks Show, When You Can Have Many!

The crowds rolled in, and we rolled out. After a fabulous meal of Dim-Sum at a local shop house we retreated to the comfort of our room where we enjoyed the first of manyfireworks shows. They were going on all over, up and down the river. And our twenty second floor corner apartment afforded us a fantastic vantage to enjoy them all simultaneously.

Just as we thought the shows had ended for the evening, it happened. KABOOM. The shock wave rattled our windows. Car alarms started blaring over the noise of the traffic. The sky lit up like the Fourth of July on steroids. Not one, not two but three barges loaded with fireworks started to engage the city from the middle of the river. Being at eye level to a rainbow of sparkling lights is a new experience for me.

The show went on and on, Each barge setting the skyline ablaze in color and sound. We were so excited and thrilled to be here. I started singing at the top of my lungs “Happy Birthday To Me.!”  I know, a little arrogant, but we got a kick out of it.

After a long display it ended and the car alarms were put to bed. We crawled into bed together and I thanked Dawn for such a wonderful birthday. She cried. She cry’s a lot here in Thailand. But with a smile, and joy. It has always been her dream to share this part of her life with her beloved. Well, her beloved is humbled, and honored to be a part of this dream.

Just as my eyes had said farewell to the day I was jolted upright in the bed. KABOOOOOOM!!!!! Why have one fireworks show when you can have many! This time the barges were parked right in front of our condo on the river. A display, that dwarfed the previous one roused the car alarms back from their slumber.

We rushed to the balcony! We were so close we could feel the concussions from the explosions! Roars rose up from below. Music blared. Horns honked. River boats flashed their lights. Spotlights raced back and forth across the sky! The full moon smiled down at what is one helluva celebration. Dawn laughed as I told her “ I’ve always said, if you want to have a great fireworks display hire the Chinese!”

We held hands and laid down together. I hummed to myself. Happy Birthday To Me

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