The National Museum

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The National Museum

 The National Museum

Today was another day of complete contrast. We took the river ferry upstream. We walked through Amulet market on our way to Pippetapan, The national museum. I learned that the Thai were not always so peaceful. Many wars were waged over many centuries. Kingdoms toppled and were retaken. Great cities were built, and sacked. But over this time they created a heritage which much of, still exists today.

And let me tell you something else I learned today. This country can do bling! Bling like I have never seen. From birth to death the monarchs of this fair land and people have lived a lifestyle that many of us would have a hard time imagining. The funerary room alone is worth the price of admission. The carts used in the procession of the Queen Mother a few years back are ornately carved decorated, and covered with gold. The Thais love their King and Queen.

In my quest to mark off another of the famous Bangkok  landmarks we made our way to the Kao San road area. HIppies, tourists, beer shops and tailors lined both sides of this so so area is mainly flocked to by young back packing tourists. We came, we saw, and we got the hell out of there! Actually it was pretty cool, but after spending the day at the museum it was hard to relate.

Two boats, one taxi, one bus ride, a train, and a Tuk-Tuk for under ten bucks! Uh, and that was for the both of us.

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