The Hundredth Neighbor

The Hundredth Neighbor

The Hundredth Neighbor is an idea I have to help forge stronger communities. You see when I was growing up in Connecticut I knew evryone for blocks and blocks around me. I may not have known everybody personally, but I knew who you were. And likely, you knew who I was. This was especially helpful growing up. We watched out and helped others, and in return were watched out for and helped in return.

I had this same sense of community when I lived in Crested Butte Colorado, a small town high in the rocky mountains. Neighbors and friends were always available and eager to assist, chat,  ask for help, and friendship.

I miss that in my life. I like so many others chose to leave behind those safe harbors of community and move elsewhere. And I’m willing to bet a lot of others do also. It is one thing to belong to a church, a team, a civic organization etc.. but how well do we know our own neighbors. Sadly I being one of the culprits, do not know mine very well. So it is up to me to change the way I contribute to a neighborhood. One at a time I will introduce myself to my neighbors for at least a quick “Hello, I’m Doug. And from there we’ll see what happens

I have foundthree fundamentals about humans that most all of us share. We need others to communicate with. We need a helping hand. And wewant to live in safe, and nurturing neighborhoods. My hope is by starting this myself I will learn enough about my neighbors, and neighborhood to share my experiences with them, with you, and all of our other neighbors near and far. The world is not a big, scary, dark, and fearful place. It is one full of people that want, need, and hope to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And other than the family, I believe this starts close to home.

The Hundredth Neighbors goal is to meet, greet, get to know, and ask neighbors a series of quick questions, record their results, and share them with each other. My project launch is scheduled for April 1 2015.

Stay tuned for more details……..

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