Sampeng Lane Bangkok

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Sampeng Lane Bangkok

 Sampeng Lane

Who would have thought you could find 4000 different kinds of Mickey Mouse flip flops all unceremoniously tucked away under one roof. Well several roofs and various lanes that surround, cover ,shoot off of, run away from, and into Sampeng Lane in Chinatown.

This, for me at least was like riding a roller coaster without the icky bottoming out of my stomach. The smells, the colors, the noise, the chatter, bargaining and buying of stuff that I didn’t even know existed on this great earth of ours, was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The slim lane is lined on both sides with miniature stalls that sell everything from the aforementioned flip flops,to rings, watches, jewelry, fabric, hats, sunglasses, flowers, and more plastic flotsam than you could shake a shrink wrap machine at!

Add in a few wandering food stalls and scooters loaded down with everything from carpet rolls to yard bombs, the occasional taxi and  you still mightnot get the picture. I kept thinking to myself, if this were in America, a riot would have broken out by now. But the Thai and Chinese hold high regard for the space of others,  and all seemed find here in this very special place. I’m coming back here for sure!

Interspersed through this neighborhood were some lovely Chinese temples, including the oldest Chinese Temple in Bangkok. Along the way we stopped and had a cold soup made with ice, sweet syrup and some sort of smokey gelatinous substance.

Aside from the rats and the roaches, the excessive noise and exhaust it is a must see on my list. This densely populated piece of land makes the Chaos Theory look like a walk in the park. So much was happening so quickly. It was hard to take it all in in one fell swoop. I will be coming back here many times during our stay.

My highlight of the day was when we were looking to get directions. We came upon a police sub station with several officers sitting outside. As we approached they waved us off. Then my trusty super hero guide jumped into action telling them Di chan pud Thai di ca. Translated means “I speak Thai.” They through there hands up, laughed, and welcomed her like a long long sister! Directions were affirmed. We caught our boat home. Sipping a Chang beer by the dock I had Dawn pinch me. Did that day just really happen?

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