A Day In The Hood

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A Day In The Hood

A Day In The Hood

 I awoke and feeling a little wiped out today. Coffee and street food are part of the routine, and today was no different. The line at the Khao Meun Gai rice stand told us all we needed to know, it would be good. A simple meal of rice and chicken was served with broth that is so clear and delicious.

Dawn went off in search of phones. I stayed and cleaned up the condo and took care of some business. A lazy afternoon was followed by Korean barbecue. Afterwards we watched children performing traditional Thai, and Khemer dance.

Three doors down from our condo complex and we found the treasure trove. A Thai massage school. Now I always just thought a foot massage was just that, a foot massage. Well my ignorance soon turned to bliss, and a little pain over the next hour as Khun Oy, whom at first marveled at the size of my feet, worked out muscles in heels arches and ankles and  that I didn’t even know were there. Oh yeah, since when does a foot massage include your legs, back, neck, and shoulders? When you are in Thailand it does. At least in out hood!

The women that worked on us were far beyond students. They may have had some newbies upstairs, or in the back, but these girls were pros. Khun Oy had hands as soft as silk, and as strong as a vice grip. It was fun to listen to the girls talking and laughing with each other. The banter and camaraderie was evident from the get go. They were particularly interested in speaking with Dawn, and were curious as to how she knew the language so well.

At times I felt like the big, dumb, white guy in the room. Albeit a vey happy, big white guy, laying back on a couch in a foreign country, getting a foot massage, right next to my best friend. Not so dumb after all.

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