Bhawa Spa Day

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Bhawa Spa Day

Bhawa Spa

Khun June, my new favorite barista served us perfect lattes early this morning. Her innocence showed as she giggled and hid her mouth when I asked her name. Fully caffeinated we walked to the market around the corner. Who says spicy fish, shrimp, rice, and vegetables aren’t for breakfast. Not me, not by a long shot. That bowl of granola and raisins is just not going to look the same anymore.

A little further exploration of our neighborhood was in order this morning and we came across a small wet market selling fresh vegetables and fruit. I tried my first custard apple. Wow! Creamy and delicious. A new part of my diet for sure.

  A train ride away and we were in complete contrast to our day yesterday. Downtown Bangkok. While there were still a few Tuk-Tuk’s around they were outnumbered by Lexus, BMW, and SUV’s. Foreign embassy’s and high rise bank buildings show a different side of Bangkok.

This contrast became very evident even before we even walked into the Bhawa Spa. Our slippers were awaiting before we even made it to the door. Having someone get on their knees to serve me refreshments and a cool towel, humbled me. A sip of the juice made from bell fruit and the elegant surroundings that accompanied us made me realize how fortunate I am.

Dawn had booked this well in advance as this is one of the top rated spas in all of Thailand. And it’s high billing did not let us down. Three hours of side by side massage, and facials with my best friend. Our attendants left us to relax in our blissful states. Dawn started to cry. I asked her why. She told me she was just so happy that she could share this experience with me. Again I was humbled to be in the grace of such a beautiful soul. Fortunate does not have enough letters to express how grateful I am to be here, and to be in love with my best friend.

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