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Frank Zappa And Fireworks

Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in adventure, Bangkok, Thailand, travel | 0 comments

Frank Zappa And Fireworks

Happy Birthday To Me   I joined the masses today. While on a mass transit trip across the city to the dentist, I did it. Yep, I assumed the position. I put my phone in hand, headphones in, and scrolled down the screen. I felt like one of them, one of us, the few the many, the electro-age. Yes the warm fuzzy feeling washed over me. I was just like every one else. YES!! Now I  can smile, laugh, and look into the eyes of my fellow travelers and feel the joy, the happiness, and community of the many. That is until my choice of music hit my ear buds.  The inexplicable words of Frank Zappa hit me....

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