About the Author – Douglas Eagen

I was born and raised in New Haven CT. By the time I was thirteen I knew I would not live there much longer. By the time I was eighteen I  had traveled to over forty states.

I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest. I called Colorado my home for nearly thirty years. Exploring was a daily ritual, whether it be biking, hiking, fishing, backpacking, road tripping, or just getting to know my neighbors.

Mountain Bike on TrailMy career as a professional allowed me to travel and to create on a daily basis. But my soul kept telling me that it wanted something more. Something that was agonizing to get out.

I have always had a keen sense of what it took to develop characters and put them in abnormal situations. So in the summer of 2013 I quit my job, packed up my home, and moved to Sedona, Arizona to pursue my life long calling to become an author.

I hope you will join me as our characters take you near and far, to real places and those that are imagined. I see my characters as Lost Sailors trying to unlock some mystery of life that they have been handed or have had forced upon them.

We may not know it, but we all have a Lost Sailor guiding us to some known or unknown outcome. So come along for the ride. We may just learn something together along the way!

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