"Welcome to the world of characters and creation in motion."

Please sit back, relax and let the tides of my mind release you from your burdens. Follow my band of Lost Sailors as we travel around the globe in search of the answers that lie inside all of us.

About the Author – Douglas Eagen

I was born and raised in New Haven CT. By the time I was thirteen I knew I would not live there much longer. By the time I was eighteen I  had traveled to over forty states.

I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest. I called Colorado my home for nearly thirty years. Exploring was a daily ritual, whether it be biking, hiking, fishing, backpacking, road tripping, or just getting to know my neighbors.

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About the Book – Inside Outlaw

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Inside Outlaw is a tale about the ordinary days of a modern day outlaw.  Follow Jimmy Star Two Fingers and his chihuahua Snoop as they travel the deserts of the Southwest, running drugs from the Mexican border, all the while looking for a love they lost some time ago.

Jimmy crosses paths with bandits, bikers, and aging locals in Demry, a mining town long past it’s prime.

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The Hundredth Neighbor

The Hundredth Neighbor

The Hundredth Neighbor is an idea I have to help forge stronger communities. You see when I was growing up in Connecticut I knew evryone for blocks and blocks around me. I may not have known everybody personally, but I knew who you were. And likely, you knew who I was. This was especially helpful growing up. We watched out and helped others, and in return were watched out for and helped in return.

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